Lost and… Found

I was still staring at that old grandfather clock. It was a quaint artefact, brought to India by my grandfather, from England. He was a nice, funny person. I remembered my childhood days in this very house. This house had been my home for many long years. At that time, the war was still going and both my dad and granddad were in the army. I was very young, probably a decade old then.

I was amazed to see this house still standing. When my family and I left for England, fourteen years ago, this house was then probably forty four years old. I know, this should not be standing, but by the grace of God, it is. I arrived here at India only just yesterday and I came across my old house. I could not recognise it in the beginning, but when I noticed the strange looking well in the backyard, old memories began to flood my mind.

This clock was very valuable to me. Before my grandad left for the war, he gifted me this clock. He had said that he had bought that many days ago, from England. He went away that day and he did not return back to our hometown. We assumed that he had died there.

The house was in ruins. The old paintings given to my granny by the king, were still visible, the colours bright and shiny. I went round the house. My grandpa’s stamp collection was hidden in the ruins. I came across an occasional snake or beetle, but I liked their company. I was about to come back to the main hall, when I noticed that door. It was, as I recalled my grandfather’s own room, a room of undreamed-of artifacts and manuscripts. He liked to collect historical objects and I often saw him writing books. I had not gone in there much, probably just three or four times in my whole childhood.

The room was dimly lit, everything lay messed up on the floor, as if someone had come here lately. I wondered what would someone find here, except just old papers. Maybe Grandfather would find his own papers of interest here, but he was not in this earth anymore……probably.

I was going my way back, when I heard something moving behind me, I was numb with fear. I did not dare to look back, in case it was something supernatural. I was still standing, all my senses numb, when I heard that voice from behind, a vague, sweet, known voice. The voice of my dear old granny, who was …..dead.

“You have come back sweetheart? I never thought you all would remember me, you all just left me lonely and went away!”

A white hot tear fell from my wet eyes.



I was hiding behind the car, trying to put my plan into action. It was important for me to do this job, for the whole world maybe, or so I thought. The sun was almost invisible behind the clouds and the hills…it was five thirty in the evening by my watch.

I was watching the door of the hotel intently, observing every little movement there. My plan was quite simple and uncomplicated. It just required a bit of skill, and I had skill, I was sure. My prey would soon come out, unaware of the fact that it would be his last day on the earth. I was still waiting, when suddenly the man came out. Michael Rivers, 32, businessman, a tall blonde guy. I was ready to strike. He came walking towards his car, the car behind which I was hiding, a small knife in my hand, small but deadly.

My victim came and was about to get inside when I struck. It was only a matter of seconds, just few moments and a man wiped out from the earth. I felt quite different now, I had to escape from there. I was so relieved. I went behind the hotel where my own car was kept and I opened the door to sit inside…

My heart burst. My nerves were all cut open. My whole body was burning and stinging. I fell down with a thud, blood pouring down from me. I was suddenly very sorry for my misdeeds.

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“God, this is so irritating!”

I was sitting in my study, struggling with a very hard sum. I felt so foolish, what did I do all year? I had my phone beside me, which was currently vibrating with incoming messages, all friends with thousands of doubts and an occasional savior coming to answer one of the doubts. I was still waiting hopelessly, trying to think of the consequences of not completing this sum. First, I would get a nice thrashing from my teacher the following day and second, I would be in great trouble if that very sum came in the math exam. I was so irritated!

I let go of my pen, and it fell on my book, with a quite unusual and loud thud. The notebook in which I was doing my sums, was already quite dirty, scratched and scribbled all over.

I took the phone over in my hands, it was still being flooded with messages, I decided to do a sum for my friend and inturn make her do mine. It wasn’t a good idea, she was an idiot!

After a complete hour, I finally gave up. The consequences that I had to face the next day and few days later, were indeed, severe!


The Paperweight: Chapter II

Elizabeth was sitting in front of her computer, her eyes bright and concentration etched across her pretty face. The international workshop would begin that day and she had to make sure everything was in order. The day was quite sunny with a clear sky. This was the perfect weather for an important meeting. She clicked her mouse twice and then got up from her seat.

The room was neatly arranged today, everything was ready. The scientists would arrive there in the evening and so they did not have much time to waste. Elizabeth went near the window, and then looked down. The road was quite clear, except for a few people, running busily. Elizabeth took a big breath and then rang her bell.

Her brother William arrived, with a hearty smile on her face. Before she could tell him anything, he started talking.

“Guess what, the TQFP has aranged to get chocolate muffins and wine for the guests! I love muffins!”

Elizabeth couldn’t help herself from smiling.

“I love muffins too, but I guess it will not be a good etiquette to eat them myself, as this is my workshop.”

Bill rolled his eyes “Oh Ellie, you are such a mannered CEO, enjoy life and have some fun!”

This was true. Elizabeth remembered her childhood days when she and William used to sneak away all the muffins from mummy’s food box. They had so much fun back then, running around, playing in the sun, or in the ankle-deep snow during winter. She missed those wonderful days.

“Anyways, you must have at least one muffin!” Bill said, his face strict.

“That will be seen later, now have you kept my paper securely in the way I told you to? You are my own brother, so I am trusting you. Don’t give it to anyone, not even to Maddy. Just keep it under your eyes. Okay?”

“Oh of course Ellie, don’t you trust me? I am a very responsible man. Now can I go, let me see if there are any free muffins made yet! Bye!”

Elizabeth sighed. She went and sat on her seat again, taking a bunch of papers in her hands. She was going through those papers, looking quite bored. It would be a long week.

She could not stay seated any more. Keeping the papers on her table, she came out of her office. The hallway was extremely bright, it really looked professional. Ellie went down the escalator and started walking down the road. It was indeed a lovely day and Elizabeth loved the sun and nature. How she wished she could stay in the sun all day, not having to worry about some stupid meeting. She remembered her house, a little red cottage with lots of green farms around it. She had grown up with nature itself. What use was this Quantum Physics, to the world? Would life become very hard to live without it? Of course not. But she had chosen this life and she, she was proud of it.

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I am sitting on the pale blue seats of my lovely new BMW driving through the bustling city. It is so lively, colourful and modern, its my favorite city perhaps. I am all alone in this big car, but I like being lonely, especially in cars. My eye feasts on the skyscrapers, hotels, bars and colourful shops. I am rich, and I can afford to stay in all of these hotels, but I won’t, even if I have money, I won’t. The world has so many new oppurtunities for me but I’ll only think and then choose what I can.

I stop my car and then peek out of the window. Its a café called ‘laìt’ and I cannot resist the earthy smell of a steaming coffee mug with the velvety brown coffee in it, or I might have an espresso too… lets see.

I enter the café and as the door tinkles, a young lady like me, with dark auburn hair and green eyes, welcomes me. I have a seat, soft brown seats matching with the tables and the coffee. I order an espresso and then wait. The shop is filled with various types of people, mostly youngsters. I srart observing my table, when the tinkle of the door makes me look up. A very old lady, wrinkled and spotty, enters the shop. She can barely walk, her dress is patched and hair, all messed up in thw wind, she looks poor too. I keep watching her when the red-haired lady comes towards her.

“Excuse me, madam, you are not allowed to enter without money”

“I’ll just sit for a moment, please, I’ll go away in a while, its so cold out there” the old lady replies, coughing. It is really a pitiful scene for my eyes.

“No, madam, you will not get seats here without money, nor can you stand her as we cannot give you the heat of the heater, it requires money, and anyways, you are making this place dirty. Please stand outside and if you have three bucks, thats one coffee, you can have that seat in the corner. If you don’t please don’t waste our valuable time!”

My jaw drops in the way she speaks to her. There was a good lot of difference in the way she spike to me! I am astonished, is she a human or an animal? I can take it no longer!

“But… I don’t have any money”


But before the door tinkles I come forward. She stops, the lady looks. I hold her hand, bring her in and give her a twenty dollar note. She tries to refuse it but, I insist. The lady looks at me with her face unreadable. “Excuse me Ma’am, what are you doing? ”

“If we humans cannot help each other, why are we humans then? We are animals, like any other wild animal! If you cannot give her kindness, I will, if you can’t give shelter to a poor old lady, I will! You can only welcome rich people, with lots of money, with lots of cars, and you’ll reject an old lady! I don’t want your coffee, I’ll give that to her. I am giving this money to her because I don’t want to be an animal! Help people, be kind! It takes nothing to just help! Stop worrying about your money, worry about the people who need your help! If we young people don’t give our hand to the needy, who will?”

I gave her the money and the coffee, and came out. The bustling city was still bustling.


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The Paperweight


It was a clean, neatly-furnished room with the ambience of importance and smartness. A glossy wooden table stood on the floor, all white and shiny. The curtai s were drawn, but tha walls were actually made of glass. It was a somewhat messy room, with lots of stray papers here and there, but it was still cleaner than most rooms. It was not an ordinary one, it was the one of Miss Elizabeth Fleming, a young lady in her twenties, with lots of thick auburn hair and electric blue eyes. Her face was pretty, but she was not a woman to get blown away by praise. She the founder of ‘The Fleming association of Quantum Physics’ or TFQP, a world-known organization, in the city of Los Angeles.

It was almost ten by her watch. The lights were on, and she was reading a document, her face scrunched up, her eyebrows furrowed. It was an important document, it was the official patent of the newly invented type of a machine. Nobody else in the whole world knew about her invention, except some of her extremely trusted people. When she had finished reading it, she leaned back and closed her eyes.

What a tough day it had been! Three meetings, discussions, reasearch, and now these papers. She opened her eyes, rubbed them and then got up from her soft, cushion-y seat.

” Hello mum” Elizabeth said, calling her beloved mother over the phone ” Oh yeah, I am okay… just tired, I’ve booked your tickets for the day after tomorrow, make sure you are ready, I have asked Lawrence to reach with the car at exactly nine thirty, okay?… Yeah, yeah.. Bye mum, goodnight”

Elizabeth hung up and then rang the bell. In no time, her William, a young man, with green eyes and golden hair, entered her office. “Yes, Ellie?”

” Have you sent the emails to all of the people I asked you to send to?”

“Yes , You need not worry”.

” Good, now get these papers stamped and do what you need to do after that. And yes, mum will come here, so we have to pick her up”

There was a boldness and power in her voice had dominated others. And that was true, she came from a poor family, she gave her heart and soul in her studies, broke all barriers of the society and today, she was sitting in this room, the room of the founder and CEO of TFQP. She deserved this.

The other man, her brother-cum-secretary,took away the papers and went away, shutting the door behind him. It quite once again and Elizabeth started packing up. It was eleven.

To be continued ….


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